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Orphan Helpers founder Greg Garret playing with a kid

For 13 years, Greg Garrett had been praying and seeking God’s will for his life. “It kept coming back to orphans,” he said. In 2000, he was supposed to be online searching for an anniversary cruise when he came across a unique opportunity. He asked his wife, Libby, to drop the cruise idea and go with him in search of orphans in Central America.

They flew to El Salvador and found a nearby church, where they met an interpreter and guide for their search. They came upon an orphanage with 250 children being cared for by six adults; not a single commode or shower worked. One of the babies had been found in the trash the night before.

He and Libby came home and began to write to everyone they knew seeking support for these children. That same year 15 people returned to help.

Now after all these years, Orphan Helpers has grown tremendously. Today, Greg continues to run a realty company in Hampton Roads, Virginia and supports Orphan Helpers at every chance he gets.

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