Urgent: Fire Leaves Incarcerated Youth in Need

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Trapped by flames in the dark Tuesday, July 7, 11 boys in an ISNA center in Tonacatepeque, El Salvador, had no way out, except for one small opening – a hole broken through by one government worker with the help of the incarcerated boys.

2015_7_17 Tona fire web 003The fire, started by an electrical shortage, took one life and left two others with burns. That section of the center is in complete disrepair and each boy has been relocated to an individual cell. Without an operational facility, these boys will remain in isolated cells indefinitely.

Because the boys’ area in the center is so small, nothing was safe from the fire. The flames consumed everything — including the boys’ Bibles. The center needs to be cleaned and repainted, the electrical needs to be repaired and each boy needs a new bed and mattress and new clothes.


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While we cannot meet every need immediately, Orphan Helpers will be working with ISNA to aid the repairs where we can. At this point, we know we can help with clothes.

For $50 a person, we can provide each of the 10 boys with two new outfits and a new Bible. Partner with us to meet this need. For $500 total, we can give back a small portion of what the fire took from these boys. Any donations above and beyond that will go to assisting ISNA in reestablishing the ruined area of the Tonacatepeque center.

Until the building is revitalized, these boys will remain individually incarcerated, where it is almost impossible for Roberto Nolasco, the Orphan Helpers coordinator at the center, to meet with each of them.


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This weekend, Community Church from Chesapeake, Virginia, will be traveling to El Salvador. They will be assisting our Orphan Helpers staff, bringing clothing and personal hygiene materials to these 10 boys.

Please prayerfully consider giving whatever you can to get these boys new clothes and a Bible. Each $50 donation will put one of these 10 boys on the road to recovery from the fire. The need is great and the time is now. Donate today.

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” 2 Corinthians 9:6

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