Persevering Faith Set Arnol Free


Racked with fear and charged for crimes he could not deny, 18-year-old Arnol was taken to Center Renaciendo in Honduras October 2014 to serve out his sentence. Today, he is active in his church in Tegucigalpa and longs to be a missionary. So what changed?

Orphan Helpers’ teachers Marvin, Juan Carlos and Roberto met Arnol where he was, teaching him about the gospel and sharing with him daily devotionals.

“I feel very joyful since I learned a lot from them,” Arnol said of the impact Orphan Helpers had on him.

Along with Orphan Helpers’ mentoring, Arnol met other Christian brothers who encouraged him while he was in the Honduran center.

“From the day I entered the center, I was evangelized to by a dorm peer named Lázaro,” Arnol said. “The same day I got in, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, and I started to persevere each day in dorm three, which was inhabited by only Christian boys.”

After only two weeks in the center, the other boys noticed a change in Arnol’s life, and they chose him to be the dorm leader. As leader, Arnol requested the opportunity to start a dorm just for Christian boys.

“We talked to the boys who ran the Rebirth Center to request that they give us dorm seven,” Arnol said. “[We chose] seven because it is the number of completion.”

Arnol and his fellow dorm mates in the center “put all hands on deck” to restore the neglected dorm, installing water, electrical and repairing the bathrooms.

Over time, Arnol became known for his love of the gospel, always preaching and evangelizing. In fact, when new boys would come to the center, most of them requested dorm seven because of its reputation. Arnol continued his ministry in the center until he was released earlier this year.

When Arnol was arrested he was hopeless, but he didn’t remain hopeless. In the midst of one of the darkest moments of his life, Orphan Helpers and his Christian brothers in the center shared with him the life-saving, persevering truth of the gospel – that’s what changed.

Today, he is active in his church in Tegucigalpa, Manos Extendidas, and he is thankful for the greatest gift God has given him – his beautiful baby girl.

“I am grateful to God for giving me a second opportunity in life since he saved me and gave me spiritual and physical freedom since I got out of the rehabilitation center,” Arnol said.

“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” James 1:12 (NIV)

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