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Transforming the lives of children and youth is the ultimate goal of Orphan Helpers. We are uniquely positioned to reach youth living behind the walls of government centers in Honduras and El Salvador. We work to lift these orphaned, abused, and incarcerated youth out of a life of despair and help them find God’s plan and purpose for their life. Our strategy is to SEEK, SERVE, and SURROUND vulnerable youth so they can SUCCEED!


Reaching orphaned, abused, and incarcerated youth all begins with seeking them out. Orphan Helpers sends workers into government-run orphanages and juvenile detention centers each day to connect with children who’ve been forgotten or who lost their way. We shower them with love when others have not. We share with them a hope and a future.


For those youth who are committed to change, Orphan Helpers serves them on a deeper level. Through our Success Academies in the centers, we help these youth with educational training, emotional healing, and spiritual hope. We move them closer to right relationships with God, themselves, family and friends, and their community. As part of the Success Academy, youth develop a life plan to guide them in identifying and pursuing God’s purpose for their life.


While seeking and serving the children are huge steps, the work of Orphan Helpers does not end there. Orphan Helpers understands youth face significant obstacles and challenges once they leave the centers. Once youth have completed the Orphan Helpers program within the centers, Orphan Helpers continues working with those youth who have committed to change. Our Success Coaches identify opportunities in the community and assist youth in accessing these resources. We develop relationships with ministries that serve, schools that educate, clinics that heal, businesses that employ, Christians that mentor, and churches that love.


Our prayer is that all youth who have dedicated themselves to pursuing God’s plan for their lives will succeed. We want to see them at school, on a job, off drugs, in a church, out of trouble, with a family. That’s why we monitor results to mark the progress of youth and to make sure we’re as effective as possible. Our success rate is measured by the rate of recidivism, job retention, and active church involvement.

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