New Life and a Second Chance, Because of You


L-R Mauricio, José’s mother, José

“Who taught you how to cut hair?” a man recently asked José Triminio.

“A Christian organization — Orphan Helpers — taught me to work and to fend for myself,” Jose replied.

José works as a farmhand and runs a barbershop on the side in a small rural town in Honduras. The work gives him the opportunity to provide for himself and his mom, something new for Jose, who is now 18.

When José was younger, he spent time with the wrong crowd. Growing up without much money and with a mom who was just trying to survive, it was easy to run in the wrong direction. It didn’t take long for his bad decisions to catch up with him. José was arrested in 2013 and taken to a detention center in Jalteva, Honduras, where he spent a year behind bars.

mauricio teaching boys to cut hair in honduras

While José was in the detention center, he met Orphan Helpers teacher Mauricio Benegas. At the center, he became a Christian and Mauricio became like an older brother to him. Mauricio spent time mentoring José. He also taught him a trade — cutting hair. Now, José is able to help take care of his mother and make ends meet.

José has a restored sense of confidence, knowing that God has a plan and his life has a purpose. With your help, Mauricio travels to visit José in that small rural town, continuing to mentor and encourage him in his faith.