Carmen’s Transition from Hopeless to Hope and a Future

carmen is a girl in a el salvadoran detention center that orphan helpers works in

Carmen’s Story

From an early age, Carmen * was a victim of abuse as she grew up in the small town of Sensuntepeque, El Salvador. She eventually acted out, was arrested, and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Now, just eight months later, Carmen’s life is already looking drastically different.

Before she was incarcerated, Carmen had lost all hope, feeling like she hit rock bottom. Lost and without hope, she didn’t know where to turn.

Thanks to your support, Alicia – an Orphan Helpers teacher – was there at that moment of crisis. Alicia began to counsel Carmen and share with her the Word of God. Carmen learned that Jesus Christ wants to give her hope and a future.

filigrana artwork made by a child in a detention center where Orphan Helpers works

An example of filigrana. To read more about filigrana, click here

Throughout El Salvador and Honduras, Orphan Helpers teachers work every day in the juvenile detention centers where many other youth like 16-year-old Carmen are serving time. Because of you, these young people are provided an opportunity to hear the gospel, to receive help from a caring adult, and to chart a new course in life.

Carmen has made a 180º transition from where she was when she was arrested. Today, she has found a passion for filigrana, a paper art form, and has greatly developed her skills there.

“On several occasions, Carmen has expressed thanks to Orphan Helpers and its donors who make sure these workshops are available for the youth to develop their skills,” Alicia said.

Carmen is excelling in the art workshops, participating in Bible studies, and joining in every activity Orphan Helpers facilitates in the center.

As for how Carmen plans to serve the remainder of her sentence, Alicia says, “Daysi wants to persevere in the Word of God.”

*To protect the kids in our centers, we have changed some names and pictures